The founder of Murdy Sports, Scott Murdy Jeffreys, is passionate about sports.  Scott has been involved with competitive and recreational sports as a career and in his spare time around the world throughout his life.  The best part about it for others is that Scott loves to share his knowledge with others and gets excited when people learn, have fun and experience similar interests that include tennis and fishing.

As a tennis player and coach for more than 30 years, Scott has traveled extensively throughout the world which has given him a great appreciation for various cultures, landscapes and spiritual beings.  He has had various tennis coaching positions with municipal programs, luxurious destination resorts and membership based clubs. Such places include Connecticut, Ohio, Bali in Indonesia, Whistler, Muskoka and here in Niagara where he grew up.

Scott has had the pleasure of working with various ATP/WTA/N.C.A.A./ITF players who include Grand Slam champions and Olympic medalists. From young kids learning to exceptional juniors, social adults to senior club members; Scott has seen all aspects of tennis players. Whether it is developing regular lesson participants to one-time tourists looking for a workout, people seem to gravitate towards the fun and energy that he provides while offering corrections for improvement in a relaxed environment. Understanding the needs of his clients is an asset that has proven successful for Scott over his 25+ years as a coach.

His coaching experience is complimented by an extensive playing career as a top-ranked provincial junior and national competitor, N.C.A.A. scholarship recipient to the University of Hawaii-Hilo, Satellite Circuit player with three different top 3 finishes at recent national senior events.  Both of these attributes has helped him shape his unique coaching philosophies, solutions for players to improve and techniques to trigger fun within a learning environment for all ages and skills.

A brief summary of Scott’s accomplishments includes being an entrepreneur while in high school, volunteer ski patrol in Whistler, golf course marshal, an avid guitar player and a high school geography teacher with a diploma from Brock University.   As a sophomore at the University of Hawaii-Hilo, he was awarded the male athlete scholar award and was ranked #2 in the state of Hawaii for his division as a doubles finalist.  He earned a singles ranking of 7th in Canada in August 2015 for Men’s Singles in the 40-45 category which was highlighted by two 3rd place finishes and a finalist at national events in the last couple of years.

“The tennis world is an amazing place. Whether you play, watch or are involved with others who play, it is a game that creates laughter, fun and intellectual exercise. I have experienced many things in my playing and coaching career within myself. From playing with the Havasupi kids at the bottom of the Grand Canyon to being one match away from competing in the N.C.A.A. National Championships; I am grateful for all of the people that the world of tennis has brought me in contact with. Seeing people improve while being coached and witnessing their moments of enlightenment is an incredible feeling. It is great knowing that the connections to people and places through tennis will stay with me forever!”

As a fisherman growing up in the Niagara region, Scott was always passionate about trout and salmon fishing in Lake Ontario.  Being a first mate as a teenager on a friend’s boat taught him how to better understand the lake, trolling presentations and migratory patterns of this magnificent fishery. More importantly, his new business affiliation with a local expert has had a profound impact on his passion of fishing and opportunities for others to experience this type of fishing. Within the last few years of this recent venture as a fishing guide and licensed captain, he has balanced his time management with the on-court racquet sports and being on the water during the outdoor season as a hobby and career paths.

Scott is fortunate and excited every time he can share the pleasure of being on the water with others. Whether it is for the scenery, camaraderie or information exchange with new and old friends there is always a laugh involved. It’s pure joy for him seeing the look on people’s faces when fighting a good fish which provides flashbacks of earlier days as a kid and the emotions that are connected to it. Whether it is catching a big king salmon, taking the boat to a restaurant on the lake or just being anchored off-shore with friends, all of these experiences are achievable so that you get your chance to ‘take life to the next level…’!

“Being on the water is an incredible experience for me.  I am able to temporarily forget my day-to-day challenges that we all face when trying to survive in an increasingly fast-paced environment.  When on the water, I know that I am fortunate to do something that most do not have an opportunity to do.  People forget to make time in their busy lives in order to be more conscious of the fact that we are hurdling through space and time on this blue planet.  Fishing gives me a sense of awareness to the simple, important things in life because I get a chance to clear my mind in a picturesque environment.  In a quick instant that can all change when I have a huge fish pound my lure and I see the rod bend and scream as line rips off the reel it gives me an adrenaline rush and sense of being that is very unique and alive. The water gives me a chance to live in the moment and to remember to become conscious of life whether it is slow and simple or chaotic and unpredictable!”

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