Your public or private school has the opportunity to promote recreation and wellness through Murdy Sports’ in-house school programs. Choose from pickle ball, badminton or tennis with all equipment provided for an affordable flat rate.

Pickle ball is one of the fastest growing sports and for good reason. It is easy to learn and there is plenty of room in school gyms to set up courts. Kids of all ages can learn strategy, rules and hand-eye coordination skills in a fun, social setting.

Badminton is another racquet sport option with technical advice, rules of the game and cooperative drills that are taught. A great way to be active amongst friends while getting a better understanding of the game.

For tennis, Murdy Sports has various tennis club and city court affiliations to accommodate indoor or outdoor classes. Learn the basics while being active, your students will have this knowledge for the rest of their lives. A fun, recreational experience for all skill levels; all equipment is provided.