The Country Tennis Program at Villa Bacchus in Beamsville is the best kept indoor tennis court secret in Niagara!  During the summer the side doors go open and you feel that country atmosphere with beautiful gardens, vineyards and fresh air which surrounds you.  This single hard court also provides indoor tennis all year round which means it takes the bad weather factor out of the equation whether it is rainy, windy or the hot sunny days. No need for club memberships as you can rent the court with your partner on an hourly basis or enjoy an instructional or hitting session with Scott. Private and group lessons happen year-round with the winter months offering approximately three days a week, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday times are available. If your a solo player there is always an opportunity to join a compatible group, regular weekly spots go fast if your interested in guaranteeing the day and time that suits your schedule best.

Private lessons $70/hour

Semi private lessons $80/hour

Group lessons $30 each/1.5 hours….up to 4 people (groups may be found for you if an individual player)

Court rental $30/1.5 hours…..up to 4 people

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