'A Great All Year Tennis Program'


The Murdy Sports Tennis Program offers a world-class opportunity to play all year at multiple locations throughout Niagara.


Scott Jeffreys has over 30+ years of international coaching experience and a high level of competitive success!


Coach Scott has multiple affiliated tennis courts throughout the region from private residences to community tennis courts.

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Murdy Sports, operated by Scott Murdy Jeffreys, is a world-class tennis program that offers private and group lessons along with tennis court rentals throughout the year. With over 200+tennis playing clients currently, affiliations with 5 different indoor and outdoor locations throughout Niagara; this is an exceptional tennis playing opportunity for all ages and skills!

Tennis Lessons and Tennis Court Rentals in Niagara


SCOTT JEFFREYS (289) 439 2024 OR Scott@murdysports.com 

Scott tennis lessons

Tennis Director-Scott Jeffreys

*Coached for 30+ years throughout Canada, U.S. and Asia

*N.C.A.A. scholarship recipient to the University of Hawaii-Hilo

*Satellite Circuit competitor

*Finalist with two different 3rd place finishes at Canadian National events for Men’s Singles 40-45

Tennis Lessons and Court Rentals


#1 Tennis Court

The year-long indoor tennis court is located near the Grimsby/Beamsville boundary in a permanently covered hard court with heat and lights in a stunning vineyard at an exceptional winery and bed and breakfast retreat. Private and group lessons are available throughout the year along with court bookings for one-time or regular players. In the heart of wine country, this private court offers a unique tennis playing experience all year long!  


#2 Tennis Court

Located at Confederation Park in Thorold, these two newly surfaced outdoor hard courts are a terrific addition to the community in a public park setting. Private lessons available along with all ages for kids in a group setting. Join a group lesson in a fast-paced, energetic learning environment with fun games, drills and technical instruction. A great and affordable avenue for local recreation!!!



 #3 Tennis Court

Located in the beautiful Jordan Harbour off of Lake Ontario, this red clay private tennis court is one of the nicest and most peaceful tennis courts in the area. With water views surrounded by strawberry fields, this one-of-a-kind tennis court is easy underfoot with a soft clay surface with nature all around you. 


#4 Tennis Court

Just on the outskirts of St.Catharines lies this incredible 80-acre horse farm with a super hard court in the fresh country air.  A great location to host players from Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-lake, Welland, Fonthill, Fenwick and St. Catharines players, it is a professionally built hard court with lights for night-time play.